The Web Managers Features – Part #1

We officially launched on the 21st of February, this blog post will aim to highlight some of the features offered in our packages by default.

We offer a fully managed web hosting experience powered by cPanel.


One of our main concerns when developing The Web Managers was to monitor all sites added to our hosting packages as one of the issues many customers get frustrated about is that even though the servers of a hosting provider may be online their actual sites may not be online for a variety of different issues:

  • Domain expired – Customers may miss notifications by their domain registrar or even forget to renew a domain. A expired domain is one of the most common causes for lost income, our monitoring will detect this and we’ll send you an email should your domain be expired.
  • SSL expired – Our platform uses LetsEncrypt SSL certificates which means the SSL’s need to be renewed every few months, this process is usually automated but sometimes due to custom modifications in htaccess files or other issues the SSL’s may fail to renew. Our system monitors for such occasions so that we can manually intervene resolving the issue causing the SSL renewal to fail.
  • Malware – Hackers are lurking and scanning sites continuously for vulnerabilities, most customers probably had a hacked site at least once. Malware damage the reputation of a site, and cause loss of business and income. All sites are monitored and if malware is detected we’ll proceed to immediately restore your site to our last backup (yes we do daily backups).

Ofcourse we also monitor our own servers, our hardware and network on a 24×7 basis. We’ve chosen top datacenter’s to host our servers – we use phoenixNAP datacenters – they are one of the top providers that currently exist.


It is important to take security seriously, and we’re here with a system that will keep your sites secure.

We use Immunify360 to keep your sites secure from all kind of attacks, we won’t go further into our configurations for security reasons but we’ve configured it to block 99.99% attacks on your sites without any intervention needed from you.

We have systems in place that will notify us if you are using an outdated or insecure script or plugin. We have systems in place that will notify us if you are using a script or plugin that has known vulnerabilities and we will assist you in securing your sites.


As we mentioned we offer a fully managed experience, this means that we will help with any technical-related issues that your sites experience. We can assist you in installing & basic configuration of any script such as WordPress, Joomla etc as long as it is compatible with our services.

We’re here for you on 24×7 basis available through our ticketing system for support or live chat (only sales questions). We’ll assist in all tech-related issues, advice and anything else we can provide you to offer you the best experience possible.


This concludes our article on the Features we provide. Stay tuned for Part #2 in the next weeks.

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