Welcome to The Web Managers LLC

The Web Managers LLC was incorporated on the 25th of January 2022 backed by over 15 years of experience in the hosting industry.

The Web Managers LLC is the result of the experience in the hosting industry and aims to meet the demands of the ever changing hosting industry in offering fully managed services.

A few words from our Founder: Customers nowadays demand, and it is their right, to receive support not only for server-related problems but for site-related problems, for advise with plugins & themes, even for assistance with installing or updating their WordPress sites. In this ever-changing industry customers want to have their piece of mind with not needing to check that their website is online, they expect to be provided with a more proactive approach to any issues with their site and not only with their hosting platform. The Web Managers LLC was founded to provide this ‘extra support’ with no hidden or extra charges.

The Web Managers LLC has developed the tools and automated required to provide a more proactive approach to resolving issues affecting customer sites directly, be it a failed upgrade to WordPress, be it a outdated WordPress version, be it a expired SSL certificate or just a simple expired domain our tools will locate the problem and we’ll proactive resolve the issue before you even know the issue even existed!

Who We Are

We believe that a hosting provider should fully monitor not only their infrastructure but the sites of the clients directly as such we aim reduce the support our customers will need by proactively resolving issues and informing customers of the issue and how it was resolved!

Our Crazy Skills

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